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Marajo Island, Brazil

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I used to use orange dancing powder to haul wall to wall brown paper wrapped carpets out of trailer truck “boxes” with a hook in Roosevelt Field, NY for UPS, where Lindbergh took off from to fly solo to Paris, France.

Back when I was in the Schoelkopf Dorm, a cinder block place I could wedge my shoulders and feet in the width of the wall and appear to be “floating” in the hall with a blanket and book, a few people stopped by. One a friend of ELP (Emerson Lake and Palmer about the “Brain Salad Surgery” era) he said stayed over to visit at the Moog factory, which they say is making a comeback. They make brakes and upgrade the cockpits of the F-16. Anyway, if we vote in cockpits we may end up with airsick elections. Get some paper on those rascals! Write a letter from here, ya hear?

I wish they’d get it right, “Leiden: A city in the western Netherlands; residence of the Pilgrim Fathers for 11 years before they sailed for America in 1620” – WordWeb 3.01. There were also Puritans (Congregationalists w/ their own “boy scouts,” “Stockaders”) and Presbyterians, Elder Brewster’s congregation, his grandson I think first class of Harvard back in the 17th century, a University started by Wm. Shakespeare’s neighbor over here. The “Mayflower” was multi-cultural, looking for a rainbow. Anyway, I worked for a Nader started NYPIRG and we never prayed in public, but we sure got our message out.

“On July 18, 2003, the U.S. Justice Department filed a criminal indictment in Miami against Greenpeace, Inc., the U.S. affiliate of the global Greenpeace movement. The charge stems from events on April 12, 2002, when two Greenpeace activists boarded a commercial ship several miles off the coast of Florida. Greenpeace had learned that the ship was carrying mahogany illegally exported from Brazil’s Amazon rain-forest. The protesters sought to hang on the ship a banner that read “President Bush: Stop Illegal Logging.”

This appears to be the first time in United States history that the government has criminally prosecuted an entire organization because of the public protest or civil disobedience actions of its supporters. For the sake of the world’s forests, and for the sake of freedom, we urge you to end this prosecution immediately.

As an undergrad in Buffalo, NY I studied Brazilian Portuguese and coauthored a grant request for funds to document the destruction of oxygen-giving, and thus life-giving, rain forest, thirty (30) years ago with a then recent Philosophy graduate, that department spinning off the Center for Inquiry and other American secular studies and publications known as Prometheus Books.

The destruction of the Amazon and other ancient forests continues. This destruction threatens clean air and water, animal and plant species, and the people and cultures who depend on forests for their way of life. Large criminal enterprises, using bribery, extortion, slavery, and murder, continue to ravage the Amazon and export their contraband, much of it into the United States. I worked with a Uruguayan who legally owned mahogany forest she could not sell and had to return to Wales. We graduated from Stony Brook University in Anthropology together and worked on the US’s Tennessee-Tombigbee Barge Canal, built instead of an “Energy Island” for NYC, a choice by the US Congress.

Greenpeace’s April 2002 peaceful protest action was aimed at alerting U.S. authorities to the contraband on the ship and highlighting this continued forest destruction.

For this I would like to thank them, as they in a sense have pointed me back to the past concerns and friends that I have met and lost some over the inability of the world to control lawlessness, in my opinion, this lawsuit against them, is an act of barbarism, that, as an anomaly, will certainly calumny the United States in world opinion.

We urge you to crack down harder on criminal enterprises who are destroying the Amazon and smuggling contraband into the United States – and to stop prosecuting Greenpeace for blowing the whistle on this illegal trade. My friend from Uruguay was threatened for being concerned for archaeology lost in the building of a giant dam by Citibank, et al., between them and Brazil and she and friends were threatened. Fortunately, a US Fulbright scholar and the Museum of Man in Paris, France helped test the impacts. I later assisted my company’s help of Dr. Anna Roosevelt, President Theodore Roosevelt’s grand-daughter in her research in the Amazon River, on the world’s largest estuarine island archipelago, Marajo, (“Moundbuilders of the Amazon: Geophysical Archaeology on Marajo Island, Brazil. Anna Curtenius Roosevelt”) where humans have lived for perhaps thousands of years and who should be given the chance of survival in a modern lawful world, not one that exploits everything, even the very air, the oxygen, the planet needs, criminally.”


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