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Governors Island, NYC

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An emotionally disturbed man in a wet suit tried to seize Governors Island by hoisting a pirate’s flag. The incident caused a massive response by the U-S Coast Guard and New York City police.

Nash said he was a presidential candidate in 2000, running for the Blue Tulip Party.



I worked for four days over there in archaeology when they were still arguing over then President William Clinton’s offer (funny where’s Jefferson I used to think you have Castle William(s) and Castle Clinton, where’s Jefferson, William Jefferson Clinton?) if the right uses for it could be established, we could have it for $1, instead of what Congress’ scheme to do with it, reduce the National debt by $500 million for it. Mayor Giuliani reported putting a casino there. Geoarchaeology Research Associates of the Bronx, for the Public Archaeology Lab of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, did some testing there for the deeper geology around Fort Jay. One of the tests was in the wall of the dry moat another near the covered subterranean walk that once connected Fort Jay with Fort Williams. While we were there the “last” Coastguardsman grounds-keeper was by a few times telling us about the island and I also strolled around as much as I could. About the same time, incidentally, the Omega company agreed to replace all the faulty fire sprinklers in Federal buildings (over 1 million) but was refusing to in private and commercial space (over 3 million of them I think).

(The ferry when I was to it, was “The Swivel” and it was run by a Caterpillar engine. I later met its Captain digging test holes on and near Gateway Park on Staten Island, he had a “blond” Irish wolfhound he was walking. He stated that all the ferry crews had been fired and the City was trying to re-arrange everything based on new employees.)

1) There is a monument next to the swivel gun monument to Peter Zenger I can’t recall what it was. Perhaps you might mention the swivel gun.

2) The eagles you show are Army eagles facing to the left, other eagles, from the Coast Guard era face right (or vice versa) on some of the other buildings.

3) Some of the iron work there was made by foundries in the Bronx (coal chute covers on the Officers “mansions” are from the Mott Foundry in the Bronx. The Janes and Kirtland foundry in the South Bronx made and assembled, the current US Capitol Dome during the Civil War for a little over $1 million.

4) It was reported that the first flight school by the government in the US was held there, planes catapulted into the air. There is also some talk of whether there was a canoe tied to Wilbur Wright’s plane when he flew off there to Grant’s Tomb and back and what happened to it, as it is now at the Smithsonian.

5) Recently some chatter had that the plans to “Operation Overlord” the D-Day invasion plans, were kept in the safe at the Admiral’s House.

6) chestnuts (the edible ones) grow there near Fort Jay. Might they be the original Pagganck or Nutten that the natives then the Dutch called the island?

7) A Revolutionary War, unmarked cemetery was found when electrical upgrades were to be installed in parking lots to the west of the ferry landing. There is a marker there that might be good to include in any update of the site. Nothing other than the dates are known for those buried there once in the “field of view” of the Twin Towers.

8) General and President Grant’s first assignment before Captain at Governors Island was as Lt. Grant, just out of West Point, to Sackett’s Harbor, on Lake Ontario, near Watertown, NY.


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11/03/2004 at 10:48 pm

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