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Eagle Cries CD

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A decade or more ago, I met Chief Leon Shenandoah who was a “Chief of chiefs” of the Iroquois when their Council was part of the review of an archaeological site in Fort Edward, New York part of a sewer line that turned up a multi-component site, including part of an old fort, once part a series of British forts that stretched down from Canada to the Hudson River in the now historic Champlain Canal direction. Grossman and Associates was involved in the archaeology when I went to work there under interesting circumstances, he was balancing that with work on a sewer line in Puerto Rico. We went on to evaluate EPA sites in NY and NJ including the site of the West Point Foundry (privately run by civilians, and the site of Civil War rifled cannons of Robert Parker Parrott in Cold Spring, NY. It was the modern site of heavy metal contamination from a firm making batteries for the NIKE missile defense system, that became obsolete, across the Hudson River from the West Point Military Academy and “next door” to their holding, Constitution Island.

This is Joanne Shenandoah’s music link. Leon Shenandoah’s name was reported as “tah dah teh ho” (NY Times obit.), which she said means “head full of snakes” which is interesting as “Iroquois” has been reported to mean “real adders” thought by the Algonquian, who are in a different language family, north to Labrador along the East Coast of the U-S and Canada, Iroquoian spoken north to Ontario and south to North Carolina), his granddaughter’s music, at least I think so.


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Harpers Ferry

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=-= Topic for #startrek is “Frakes and Sirtis in Enterprise season finale! ( )�

=-= Topic for #startrek was set by X on Saturday, January 29, 2005 8:14:59 PM

mananite Bush was called to jury duty for a stripper DUI. Gonzalez accompianied Governor Bush (Texas) to the trial to make sure he didn’t say the wrong thing at the jury selection, perhaps reasons for not serving (his wife killed her boyfriend in a vehicular manslaughter as a teen?) Sorry I was just listening to Democracy Now. Sorry, I can’t wait for the season finale!

mananite I missed the Friday Enterprose I will watch Sunday

mananite Enterprise

mananite I found some nice wallpaper to_boldly_go1024.jpg w/ Scott Bakula in a space suit the crew and ship montage…To Boldly Go… ENTERPRISE

mananite Good blog scifidaily

mananite William Shatner ids God there

mananite I rememebr a chat on AOL or Cserve with Shatner and his daughter, frantic typing before Enterprise, he said he was a friend of Bakula of the family or something.

mananite And looked forward to seeing him in the role

tweek` it reairs on saturday’s here

tweek` not sundays

tweek` at 3, i watched it earlier

mananite wish it did here

mananite where are you tweek’?

mananite Jeri Ryan was on the that show 2 1/2 men with Charlie Sheen this week it was pretty funny. Good to see her still in the theater arts.

mananite WHat adivorce!

mananite I’m learning some Canadian over at

tweek` west virginia

mananite He’s in radio TV and even has now done standup and publishes books about Canadians.

mananite West Virginia I had a guy tell me he was flying from Dever to Charleston and thought they were going to South Carolina and their baggae went to Charleston West Virginia!

mananite o they had everything changed to Atlanta and drove from Atlanta to Charleston, South Carolina

mananite His wife teaches at Columbine H.S. in Colorado

mananite I read if you want to go caving West Virginia’s the place to go.

mananite Lots of caves there.

mananite Charleston is the capital of West Virginia

mananite I have to remind myself

mananite Isn’t Harpers Ferry on the border of Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland? I was there when the last pope died.

mananite Where the Potomac and the Shenendoah join

mananite There was a large arsenal there of rifles

mananite And John Browns raid.

mananite It was burned to the ground in the Civil War

mananite There’s a few HArper’s Ferry rifles here and there in the antique places. Some of the gunsmith tools survived.

mananite Most of it lies twisted under the sediment from the terrible floods the place has every so often

mananite Washington thought he could dam it and run most of American industry from there it’s said.

mananite Anyway that’s my West Virginia story

mananite Being a New Yorker

mananite Here in the Bronx

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Revenge of the Seth’s who speak…

“Cartoon parody of Star Wars, featuring Bill Clinton, Ken Starr, Monica Lewinski, and all the rest” (a demo, links to Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc., Woonsocket, RI)

Or what I watched after I finally got the demo “Splinter Cell Chaos Theory” dled, (math majors get Fyre instead) and found it didn’t support one card, mine GeForce4 MX.

Turns out the same guy who posted the concert! Jonathan Aizen! Thanks Jonathan!

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Buffalo’s April Fools

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Write a review for Grateful Dead: 1973-03-31

I attended this concert, after new friends had me listen to the “Grateful Dead” (a racehorse?) and the “New Riders of the Purple Sage” (which they produced I read), having seen them at Stony Brook U. one Halloween. A mirror ball was turned on at one part, in the 1st or 2nd jam and Jerry left the stage, (after midnight? I was there with an ex-Yippie, Jeffrey and Maureen, student/waitress at Frank Sinatra Jr.’s haunt on Bailey Ave.) and the concert ended when a three story locomotive front-end was revealed from behind the curtain as they played “Casey Jones”. We saw them again, at the Watkins Glen Music Festival, with The Band and the Allman Brothers, a poorly run event, like Woodstock, in terms of food (read “Young Men With Unlimited Capital: the Story of Woodstock,” after the NY Times ad that started it, the site is to have an amphitheater soon according to the NY Times). We randomly interviewed with videotape (SONY portapak) visitors at it with a friend who drove us there in a small white 1956 Harvester International school bus from Buffalo. Maybe you saw it? A women slid off it and I carried her piggyback to and from the medical tent where they set her leg (no charge!) Great recording of them. Is that an electronic tuner?

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Mrs. Spielberg’s trees

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“Don’t be stumped: savvy land owners ax trees to beat arrival of ‘tree police’

The rush to pass a preservation edict in Riverdale has led to what preservation activists attempted to prevent.” – Online Edition of the Award Winning Weekly

At Wave Hill once the British Embassy compound, Arturo Toscanini, a young Theodore Roosevelt and Samuel Clemens alias, Mark Twain, also once lived. Former President John Fitzgerald Kennedy as a young boy lived in Riverdale in the Bronx, NY, until the stock market crash, his father was interested in investing in the movies, which were being made here in NYC and Westchester (location, location, location now under the Kensico Reservoir according to Cranberry Pond Park) and moved back to Massachusetts according to a recent history article in the local press. Also in Riverdale, the College of Mount St. Vincent, mentioned, is the alma mater of the former President of the Phillipines, Ms. Corazon Aquino.

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Xinhua – English "World’s first tidal power station"

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This opened in China, bravo. Years ago, there was one proposed by the FDR administration nearby to Campobello Island at the Passamaquoddy Reservation. I remember following the re-proposed as the “Half Moon Tidal Project” a feasibility study. The old system was started during the Depression and then, abandoned when the War came, other breakthrus in power generation in Maine or lack of funding. I was interested, and I think a small one does exist. Anyone know from the “Quoddy Tides”? I could write a “letter to the chairman” over in China, where my Uncle Nick Cirillo, once visitor and summer resident of Seal Cove, was part of the first American companies doing business in China after President Nixon’s trip to China. He visited there, Sri Lanka, India and Bangkok, Thailand for his company doing business in the textiles. He also once carried a briefcase with a large scissor with which he cut the designers patterns into reality on Seventh Ave., the fashion district in NYC.

I remember an international “incident” between U-S and Canada over tidal power a number of years ago. There was proposed for Nova Scotia, in the upper Bay of Fundy, a large tidal power generating plant. It was followed by a study of its effects I saw in “Scientific American” a magazine of science started in NYC in the 19th century. The study found that the tide at Boston, MA would be altered by 1/2 a foot and other effects in the tide would increase, perhaps, as one went north along the coast of Maine. With the widest tidal ranges on earth found in the Bay of Fundy, (second Mont St. Michel, France, on the English Channel) the effects must be a very complicated computation. Having once with my grandfather, driven to Grand Manan along Route 1 which hugs the coast of the Gulf of Maine in many places, one could imagine “unintended consequences”. Perhaps smaller ones are better. One design being tested in Scotland, an underwater platform that uses the bottom current to hold the platform down as the water moves across the power generating blade looks promising, a “crouching tiger hidden dragon”.

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Xinhua – English "Remains of ten thousand year old rice"

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