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Dr. Strangelovey

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A few years back I worked with a Mr. Richter of Staten Island, NY who left “contract archaeology” for Naval Intelligence. What seemed like a short time later, in the first months of the Dubya redux, he was crash landing on Hainan Island in China after colliding with a Chinese jet interceptor. Shortly after that the Bush admin cancelled the “life boat” project for the International Space Station, and called for a return to the Moon, please supply comments, it requested. The destruction of the Columbia orbiter, under Captain Husband (one of the crew was one of the number of Israeli pilots who flew in a close formation of jets, to look like an airliner on radar over interceding countries, in the bombing of the French built nuclear power plant in Iraq many years ago) over Texas must have been hard to bear. Many years ago the citizenry of the US wrested the space shuttles away from the US Air Force (to be launched from Vandenberg, CA secretly) to create a peaceful use of space, threatened once again by US military designs, and always newsworthy, perhaps as an “us vs. them” the largest day care center in the world vs. the public sector (just kidding).


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Yesterday a child came out to wonder…

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I once used photogrammetric cameras and software for close-range measurements. In the glass plate the film was held up to (a tricky piece of mechanics) are many small “crosses” called “reseau” marks, that are documented to microns, so to determine in the developed film, stretch or distortion, as a result of temperature or other parameters. They are also documented with one lens too to take into account any aberrations. Well these crosses reminded me of them a little. The close-range photogrammetry was introduced to me by Canadians who where trying to figure out how to respond to a US “drubbing” for not getting the forensic info on a military air crash in Gander, Newfoundland before a blizzard covered up the perhaps crime scene. The Rollei camera people were developing it. However Avianca crashed in the woods while they were teaching me it and I to this day sometimes feel guilty. However they say that was caused entirely by language misinterpretations. Maybe the Supreme Court with Roberts could force more cases to be heard about the victims of disasters (Flight 007 the USSR shot, the Iranian jetliner we shot, Flight 800 (?), the events of 9/11, etc.) and force close-range photogrammetry on the law, as it is being adopted in England for car-crashes and other work. The idea was that one could have flown over the crash site in a helicopter before the blizzard and had extremely accurate measurements to work from, and perhaps compare them after the thaw.

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ah…my ‘puter’s been down a couple of weeks…

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Mohawk greetings:

English: Hello. Mohawk: sa-la-da-tee.
English: Goodbye. Mohawk: oh na gee wa hii (so I’ve been told)

Interesting books I wish I had had as a youngster:

By Michael Kronenwetter

“UNITED THEY HATE White Supremacist Groups in America” 1992
“Free Press vs. Fair Trials: Television and Other Media in the Courtroom”
“The Threat From Within: Unethical Politics and Politicians”
“Journalism Ethics”
“The Military Power of the President”
“Northern Ireland”
“Taking a Stand Against Human Rights Abuses”

Walker & Co.’s (NY, NY) “Books for Young Readers”

More books I’ve looked at or read recently:

“BRONX ECOLOGY Blueprint for a new environmentalism,” Allen Hershkowitz, Foreward and orginal Designs by Maya Lin 2002 Island Press. Terrorism stopped the construction of the newspaper recycling plant in the South Bronx? Hm… or was it…

“Understanding Albert Camus” David R. Ellison 1990.

“Everything You Know” by Zoe Heller, 1999.

“Portrait of An Artist As An Old Man” Joseph Heller, 2000. The author of “Catch 22”.

“Oh, the Things I Know! A Guide to Success, or Failing That, Happiness” Al Franken, Ph.D. (Hon.).

“Tom Brokaw: A Long Way From Home Growing Up In the American Heartland” 2002 by guess?

“Mutiny on the Globe the Fatal Voyage of Samuel Comstock” 2002 Thomas Farel Heffeman.

“The Bronx in the Frontier Era: From the Beginning to 1696” Lloyd Utan 1993 The Bronx Historical Society.

“El Nino in History: Storming Through the Ages” Cesar N. Caviedes. Univ. Press of Florida 2001.

“AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE” Jimi Hendrix

Samarai William: The Englishman Who Opened Japan” Giles Milton, 2002 (author of “Nathaniel Nutmeg” Farrar Strauss & Giroux

“At Sea in the City of New York” a wonderful sailboat trip around NYC after 9/11. Can’t recall the author. Great seaside history chat.

Gengi” (in two volumes, I took out the 2nd they closed the Van Nest branch for renovations, returned it to City Island, the Van Nest is in renovation again until Sept. or is it Dec.?) the oldest novel in the world its said written in Japan around 1000 AD or so. Amazingly detailed, in contrast to what I had assumed it was.

“Blast From the Past” and “Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned” by Kinky Friedman (no I’m not related to Myers of Keswick!) that Jewish cowboy running for Governor of Texas (though I heard on the telly (don’t get kojacked) Lance Armstrong might make a run too) about NYC. Like a modern Ohio Penitentiary (O. Henry) stories about NYC.

“Finnegan’s Wake and Ulysses” I drop into these from time to time to see what condition my condition is in. Whew! Cara Lucia James Joyce’s daughter said to have been ridiculed in “Finnegan’s Wake” for mental illness. (p. 34 “We can’t do without them”).

“Times Eye” by Baxter and Arthur C. Clarke. What a strange story…but for history buffs a fun way to have the past inform the present!

In closing I would like to remind the readers today of the Hermione-LaFayette Society. “Hermione” (1780) was the ship the Marquis left in that year “set out to join the American rebels fighting for their independence” in “The Sea” photographs by Philip Plisser and preface by Yanov Queffelec. I had the experience of piecing together a “blue china” set of dishes from the vicinity of the South Street Seaport from an archaeology dig commemorating LaFayette’s return to America. Both his and George Washington’s bust are on display at the National Trust on the Hudson River, recently expanded when Rev. Sun Yun Moon donated some adjoining property. The neighbors have visitors from France I think.

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I thought the only lonely man was on the Moon…

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Looking for water I thought they crashed Roddy’s into the Moon, but we fooled them! He’s also in orbit! My Dawnwood “junior high” yearbook was named “Orbit” as perhaps many more around the USA. May the force and sub-space anomalies be with the “Orbiter” this coming Tuesday. After all, the commander is from around one of Mark Twain’s old haunts, Elmira, NY (also a terrible prison for Confederates in the US Civil War). May the Commander (she) and the crew have good luck, we still need an Outpost on the Moon.

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King Tut’s tush

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Civility and law. A woman sued (for an undisclosed amount) for being branded by a hot “manhole” owned by Con-Edison in NYC, apparently on the buttock and arm. I was reading Charles Reich’s “Sorcerer of Bolinas Reef” (that is until I heard my bag would be searched, so now I’m on the subway with a mini-computer bag. Living near to the Muslim Center of the Bronx, its on Rhinelander, off White Plains, a former CWA, Communication Workers of America “union hall”, I expected a gazillion cops…none. Once upon a time there were many halls in Manhattan, one Germania Hall, torn down last week along with 295 Bowery, Kate Millet’s home of 38 years, was where Kate Mullaney, sitting next to Susan B. Anthony, she on our “old” $1 coin, was the first woman elected to union management, she had organized the collar workers in Troy, NY. Cleaned collars allowed “white collar” workers to wear the same shirt again) the former Yale professor and author of “The Greening of America” who was once Justice Hugo Black’s law clerk, and I wonder if Bush’s tush is branded by the “Skull and Bones” fraternity there as reported wouldn’t it be better to have a Sinfonian in the White House, like George B. Cortelyou was, under McKinley and Roosevelt, the once former CEO of ConEdison after his government service? – BAGnewsNotes

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Mr. Roberts

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There’s a demonstration at Union Square in NYC over the nomination the TV news reported today. I have a friend who grew up with, knew his wife from the Bronx, NY. The nominee lost his brother-in-law a short while ago when his LandRover and he plunged off the Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River. The bridge needs to be replaced, my friend’s company looking at it, part of TYCO. I read this nominee worked on both sides of the “aisle” as they say. Once at the grand opening of NY State’s law school in Buffalo, NY, I have to wonder who what when where why and how will this go? The opening was late and the new campus unequipped for its initial opening which I was citizen arrested at for a foul up, a “criminal tampering” a felony. Does your state permit citizen arrests that way? – BAGnewsNotes

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On the cover of the Rolling Stone

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A wonderful film, “Beat The Devil” screenplay by Truman Capote, directed by John Huston with Peter Lorre, Humphrey Bogart, Gina Lollabridgida (a politician in Italy) was about looking for uranium (“yellow cake”) in Africa, under the guise of selling vacuum cleaners there, its the only DVD I own. It is an interesting film, I can’t recall who originally wrote the story. “Time” was once admittedly “Presbyterian” in focus and they supported Angela Davis’ innocence so I think they want to cover this issue as today they were announcing they’re the ones Rove told it to! When they started with “cake” story I had to stop and wonder if they were using an “African Queen” scenario, even stealing the “Beat The Devil” plot. Actually, they were had six ways to Sunday by a bogus letter that will leave serious “black mark” on the intelligence community for years to come. Of course then whatever “W” (another interesting film by Hitchcock with Twiggy and the guy from “Battlestar Galactica” she the battered wife) says might be construed as “intelligence”.

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