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Thames Street, Manhattan

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Guardian Unlimited Arts Antony and Cleopatra

Patrick Stewart is Antony…until October at The Swan.

There’s a wonderful podcast tour of the Globe theatre begun and restored by Sam Wanamaker, who only lived to see the foundation cast (he was blacklisted, a Jewish intellectual in Hollywood and came over in 1948 thinking he could see The Globe on London’s Bankside of the Thames, and started a push then to see it done, recreated). They are going to have Coliseum like fabric and rope roof over it for some performances.


One has been proposed for Governors Island, NYC, I saw somewhere, like The Globe. Would be a good thing to have.

Interesting NYC “first drama” facts:

Drama: Aquatic play: “The Pirate’s Signal” 4/4/1840
Drama: Benefit and performance: 1/7/1757
Drama: Burlesque show (of importance): “The Black Crook” 9/12/1866
Drama: native: A play successfully acted on a regular stage: 4/16/1787
Drama: Acted by professional players: “The Recruiting Officer” 12/6/1732
Drama: Performed 1000 times: “The Gladiator” opened 9/26/1831
Drama: first printed American play:  “Androboros” printed in 1714 by Robert Hunter, colonial governor of New York and New Jersey.
Drama: William Shakespeare: “King Richard III” 3/5/1750
Opera: by an American: “The Archers, or The Mountaineers of Switzerland” 4/18/1796 (comedy based on William Tell)
Opera: Italian: “Il Barbiere di Siviglia” 11/29/1829
Opera: of a serious nature “Tammany” 3/3/1794
Opera: performed by professional visiting troupe “The Beggar’s Opera” 12/3/1750
Orchestra in a theatre: 1750
Minstral Show Troupe: organized by D.D. Emmett 1842-1843
Ballet presented: Bowerie Theatre 2/7/1827
Parachute jump from a balloon: Charles Guille 8/2/1819
Flea Circus: 1/1835
Puppet Show: 2/12/1738
Theater to be gas-lit: Chatham Garden 1825
Theater: Panorama Show: 1790 (in today’s City Hall Park?)
Wax Works Museum: opened June 1749
Moving picture: of an eclipse of the sun from a dirigible: 1/24/1925 Montauk Point, NY
Moving picture: exhibited moving picture on film shown on a screen: 4/21/1895
Moving picture: film exhibition 5/9/1893
Moving picture: peep show exhibit 4/14/1894
Moving picture: talking in Esperanto 7/13/1929 (actor William Shatner was in one)
Moving picture: 3D in color “House of Wax” 4/10/1953

– From “Famous First Facts A Record of First Happening, Discovery and Inventions in the U.S.” c) 1973 Joseph Nathan Kane (January 23, 1899 – September 22, 2002 lived to be 103).


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05/02/2006 at 2:12 pm

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