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Paul Verhoeven Has Been Knighted – Cinematical

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1. Congratulations! I once worked in the new (fledgling) close-range photogrammetry that he tested and discarded in “Starship Troopers” the Rolleimetric cameras and software (then on 80386 with 80387 math chip, the 486 and then Pentium predecessor) though in the archeology of the Cold Spring Foundry across from West Point Military Academy, NY for the EPA. He tried it to record a “tunnel” set then into a digitized “virtual reality” in order to CGI the “bugs” into the actors staged fight in the tunnel and switched to a laser system or “lidar” to digitize the tunnel as the feet of the bugs sometimes went through the photogrammetrically digitized set (tunnel). I was very happy to read of this use, I had taken many photos and had digitized the archeology of the site that had also produced the “Swamp Angel” a large R.P. Parrott rifled cannon and R.P. Parrott wooden gun platform (it and pintle recovered on grillage in Foundry Cove across from Constitution Island, NY. The island is where a famous overlooked Dutch-American patriot, Bernard Romans, the then colonists armed forces cartographer, drew up plans for the defense of Constitution Island in the Revolutionary War, the name said to predate that conflict) used in the incendiary bombardment of the civilians of Charleston, South Carolina in 1863 during the American Civil War. Herman Melville wrote a poem about “Swamp Angel” though I suspect it might have been over a “crime of passion”… Edits: (“Many years ago there lives in Croton Falls a young girl who was called the “Swamp Angel.” She became the wife of General Sickles.” “Gen. Daniel Edgar Sickles, a member of Congress, shot Philip Barton Key, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, on Feb. 27, 1859” son of Francis Scott Key, who wrote the adapted national anthem) in front of the White House grounds, over her, “Swamp Angel”? (See: Old Guns of New York)

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Yeow! Knoller Feels Readers’ Wrath – CBS PublicEye

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The US National Archives, now a un-federalized organization, published a journal article about the history of “White House Press Secretary”. In the article, it asserts, George B. Cortelyou, former NYC steno teacher, Chairman of the Republican Party, who held three Cabinet posts under presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt (remember him? They made him VP so we wouldn’t have to hear from him its alleged) was first to “invite” the press into the White House, most except a few perhaps before relegated to outside the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He updated the press on the condition of McKinley who, shot by an anarchist in Buffalo, NY, lived on for 8 days, and had been expected to recover.

The article, for whatever reasons, left out the then recent White House Press Secretary, Dee Dee Myers, who left that position to get married, after three years, the first and only woman to now to hold it. The others, back to George B. Cortelyou (as Secretary of the Treasury said to avert an economic depression, though bread went from a nickel to a dime, and later Postmaster General under President Theodore Roosevelt) were included in the article.

The history of the “corps” has been to dutifully report what they are told. I find that since “only Congress will have the power to declare war” in the US Constitution, therein lies the plot to bring us to war and the press just part of the solution.

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"Because I said so…Insert Caption" – Cinematical

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15. Rehearsal:

Susan B. Anthony sits next to Kate Mullaney in Germania Hall, NYC and the “white collar” (bleached detachable ones) worker-organizer from Troy, NY is the first woman elected to union management, during the Chicago Haymarket Riots. Flash forward to more recent history:

Ms. Anthony who had been charged for posing as a man in Upstate New York to vote and a judge, however, is a character witness at her trial. Years later, the town named after him, Selden, NY has the first Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) during the Vietnam War but no women.

Both actresses play the same characters in different times.

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Group Blames State For Artifacts Damaged By Floods

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(CBS/AP) RIVER EDGE, N.J. Several antiques at a state-owned facility — including some that date as far back as the 17th century — were damaged or ruined by flooding last week, despite assurances that steps would be taken to protect the items before the nor’easter hit the region.

The Bergen County Historical Society claims it was told that the Jersey Dutch artifacts kept in the Steuben House, which sits on the bank of the Hackensack River, would be moved to safer areas at the site by state parks workers.

However, when society members went to the building Wednesday, they found many of the Revolutionary War-era artifacts had sustained serious water-damage, including some items that were beyond repair.

Damages are estimated at $1.5 million.  More>

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Re: "The Birds, the Bees, and Earth Day" – Bill Maher’s blog at the Huffington Post

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I hate those plastic bags, once referred to as the “National Bird of Ireland” stuck like me Ariel, in a tree before freed by Prospero to do his bidding. As I circle the known Earth I feel sad those products will remain perhaps longer than my story, once referred to by Aldous Huxley lecture from his death bed, as William Shakespeare’s actual “first play” and as they say “the play’s the thing”. Once they’re in a tree they’re like Charlie Brown’s kite!

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Old red ink…

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Repaying Alexander Hamilton 

NY Times published April 22, 2007

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Straw Dogs Redux

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Four of five N.B. men declared guilty in riot on Grand Manan island

Kevin Bissett, Canadian Press

Published: Saturday, November 18, 2006

ST. ANDREWS, N.B. — Four of the five men from New Brunswick’s Grand Manan island who said they acted in self defence when they torched the house of a suspected drug dealer have been declared guilty on an assortment of weapons and arson charges.

Other Grand Mananer news (probably)

All in a night’s work
Coast Guard helps two in sailboat that filled with water after being hit by high waves near Fire Island

By Susana Enriquez (

April 14, 2007

“It’s what many rescuers say after plucking people from trouble: We were just doing our job.

That’s what Coast Guard Petty Officer Clayton Stout said Friday, one day after he and four of his colleagues set out from the Fire Island station and rescued two men amid 10-foot waves and stiff winds with help from counterparts in Cape Cod and the Suffolk Police Marine Bureau.

“It’s always a big deal,” said Stout, a 4-year veteran. “It’s never the same situation – different people, different boat, different weather.”

The sailboat, Outrageous, was in the Atlantic Ocean about three miles south of Fire Island’s Watch Hill when it was hit by a “rogue wave,” causing it to tip and take on water, said Petty Officer Dan Bender, a Coast Guard spokesman”…more

My mother, Adelaide Urquhart, knows these surnames from Grand Manan Island, where she thinks they’re from, in the Bay of Fundy not far from the Roosevelt’s beloved Campobello Island, New Brunswick. The fishing is almost gone and the “natives” are trying to work with tourists, whale watching, Audubon’s once abundant bird sightings, dulse picking, etc. Author Willa Cather once had a house in Whale Cove where she may have written some of her novels. Her female friend was a famous woman composer from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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