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Erica Jong: Europeans Ask: What Happened to Hillary in Iowa – Politics on The Huffington Post

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The band Audience is also popular in Italy, like Ms. Jong’s books. I was up in the only wind-farm on federal forest land in the US, in the Green Mountains of Vermont, archaeological testing for additional larger wind generators up on the ridges, in the early snow dusting of November. Watching C-Span, we witnessed the House attempt to impeach Vice-President Cheney, who attended the Memorial Day service at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, while the President went to Waco, Texas. Incidentally, the soldier has been replaced due to DNA testing. What I heard, on the local TV, that is from a large number of statisticians (over 200) that they thought the race would be between Giuliani/Huckabee and Clinton/Clark. Wesley Clark was the former Supreme Commander of NATO and a former Presidential candidate, first in his class at West Point, who beat John Edwards in the primaries in the next state over, New Hampshire, the last time.

The US Constitution was changed with amendment, requiring the two heads of the U.S. to be from the same party, where before, the founders, thought they should or could be from different parties. We focus so much on the top of the command rather than the team they should or could be, in my opinion. Maybe the candidates should announce "their" intentions in courting us! Let’s hear who else is or would be next in line, no surprises. Erica Jong: Europeans Ask: What Happened to Hillary in Iowa – Politics on The Huffington Post


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01/06/2008 at 4:40 pm

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