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Re: “Bombshell 9/11 commission book coming” – Pressing Issues

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One of the problems of investigation, is what is under our “noses”. I, having worked for a Texas-based power plant builder EBASCO, on the archaeological research of Fort Drum prior to the since relocation from Camp Hale, CO of Senator Bob Dole’s paraded US Army 10th Mountain Division, to NY and all the changes, hoped to find more about that. EBASCO was offered apparently free rent in the WTC so to move from 40 Rector Place by then Mayor Koch. I worked in archaeology, across the street from it’s former address, and I’ve read in a tearful posting of a former employee, one of its secretaries, who had moved to the 79th floor, her thankful appreciation of a job (floors 79-94?) A few years later it had moved to New Jersey, perhaps due to “power plant” market forces.

Having worked on the archaeology of Mead Hall at Drew University where the former NJ Governor Kean the now former university president who chaired the 9/11 commission, a university where roses in the US were first cultivated, I half expected a cover-up of people who want to walk away smelling like one. Well I’m glad something is happening, on behalf of its victims, truths still owed, in my opinion.

The ill-advised Emergency Center in Bldg. 7 had a remarkable archaeology, having a 18th c. horse harness recovered from the end of the former dock in its construction, before the Landmarks Commission had an archaeologist. I was denied access with one during its construction to see a wooden ship said to be in it. Later, I found one on the other side of the island, at 175 Water Street.

There’s an interesting young “Van the Man” music video with “Them” in the leftside.


Written by georgejmyersjr

01/31/2008 at 8:15 pm

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