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…and there’s fences to mend.

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I work in public archaeology, as required by local, state and federal law in the US. That sounds like steady work, but its not. Anyway, every so often a large giant request-for-proposal comes out of the government for say the history and archaeology of the Hudson River (King George’s “divide and conquer” gambit) or for a cultural resources inventory of the entire US-Mexico border which came out a few years or so after the Hudson River (400th anniversary next year of Henry Hudson’s travail, later put off in a mutiny in a small boat to perish somewhere in Hudson’s Bay. He and Champlain had once been within 100 miles of each other, unbeknownst its thought) so I am not surprized that they want to put up a fence or something. But won’t somebody just get a taller ladder? Nightvision, which William Shatner on horseback rode along there with doesn’t work I read at dawn and dusk so what’s the solution? I think cleanup those border roads on the Mexico side and deal with the pollution the Maquiladoras have made and keep up the good work. McClatchy Washington Bureau | 02/25/2008 | Border fence opponents find hope in Texas campaign


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02/27/2008 at 12:02 am

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