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Newsvine – The Republican Resurrection – New York Times

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Someone, and I think it was Republicans, should admit they were wrong for putting 4000 Grumman employees and 80 F-14 Tomcat fighter bombers (like Tom Cruise’s in "Top Gun" film, ours "Anytime, baby." arm patch) in Iran with the Shah just before the "hostage crisis" which was spawned from one point of view by the friendly arrangement we had, their students however did not like being spied upon in the U.S. by the Shah’s secret police, Savak.

Henry Kissinger’s, out of office, diplomatic answer, when asked by the Iranian students here, if there was anything that could be done, admitted there was nothing that could be done. We announced on TV we would, at that time I was sitting in the house of the F-14 test pilot, who also administers the "Cradle of Aviation Museum" on Long Island, NY, blow them all up if the USSR made a move for the Iran/USSR border. Mr. Gwynne, said the F-14 air-to-air missile technology was a strategic resource that if they, the USSR, got would upset the balance of power in the world.

C’mon admit that was a wrong thing to do and seemed right at the time. Then there was an Iran/Iraq war and over 1 million people died in it.

Newsvine – The Republican Resurrection – New York Times


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03/23/2008 at 4:34 am

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