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Newsvine – Google Wants TV ‘White Space’ for Wi-Fi

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A long time ago, the Computers Show on TV, introduced a TV concept by the shows speaker Steve I think it was, the show was from Peterborough, New Hampshire I think, one/quarter of the screen of the TV was shown in a series of b+w digital "images", that could be translated into binary computer program code and the speed and the volume was pretty amazing. I thought Microsoft was going to look into it. It would make a nice replacement as we all go to digital. Here in NYC there’s quite a bit of it already, it fades in and out on an omnidirectional antenna but the picture and sound is very good. Hey, the Congress said so, so why not use the analog band to our benefit? Replacing phone books like they did in France might be a good use, and other public information. Someone is also developing indoor GPS using the available TV bands, interesting idea for public service too.

Newsvine – Google Wants TV ‘White Space’ for Wi-Fi

Written by georgejmyersjr

03/25/2008 at 12:24 am

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