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Congrats, Kimberly! – Couric & Co.

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Congratulations! I thought I’d just offer some information about journalism, not that well known perhaps, since 9/11/01 it’s been closed up, and recently opened again. I’m talking about City Hall Park in NYC, where City Hall is and I worked in archaeology around the “Search for the Almshouse Cemetery” within for a number of firms, eventually found, and perhaps under, the large bronze statue of Horace Greeley, who’s sitting on a sofa. He coined the term often mis-quoted, “Go west young man and grow up with the country”. Nearby is a small monument to Joseph Pulitzer, a simple stone block and bronze plaque. “Newspaper Row” used to be across the street where the press was that covered the city. They’ve since moved the statue of Nathan Hale, whose burial location is still unknown, a patriot from Connecticut, once also held perhaps in the fort in the cemetery “Fort Golgotha” in Huntington, Long Island, by the British Army, who regretted he had but one life to lose for his country, (sometimes changed to “give”) before he was hung in Manhattan. Nearby Greeley and Pulitzer, if you will, was a prison the NY Times in 1903 described as “blacker than any Black hole of Calcutta”. Nearby on Governors Island is a small swivel gun monument to John Peter Zenger, who owned the second printing press in New York city, an opinion published on it leading, after incarceration and trial, established the “freedom of the press”.

Congrats, Kimberly! – Couric & Co.


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04/04/2008 at 12:57 am

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