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Alec Baldwin: Who Can Beat McCain? – Politics on The Huffington Post

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Living in New York State I watched Bernadette Castro run against the Senior US Senator at the time Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and do well on Long Island, I recall because I found myself sleeping on one of her convertible beds and reading a Robert Redford catalog that night there. Why she didn’t run against Senator Clinton is odd, though appointed head of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation in my state which working in I think should be split up instead of cloned in other public works depts (DEC etc). Senator Clinton made the Purple Heart stamp permanent and the State of NY has announced a Purple Heart Center to be built at the New Windsor Cantonment, where the troops over-wintered after the treaty was signed with King George, just in case.

Maybe Bernadette Castro should be running now, it would seem more evenly matched, based on the Castro/Moynihan rivalry, both ran and won or lost a race for New York Senator. I’d hate to think we’d elect John McCain based on his similar sounding name John McComb architect:

  • Cape Henry Light (1792)
  • Montauk Point Lighthouse (1796) (commissioned by President George Washington, “earmarked” to keep from falling in the sea)
  • Station Eatons Neck Lighthouse (1798)
  • Gracie Mansion (1799)
  • New York City Hall (1803)
  • Hamilton Grange (1803)
  • Old Queens building at Rutgers University (1808)
  • Castle Clinton (1808)
  • Quarters A, Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Vestry (St. John’s Chapel) at Trinity Church (torn down in 1918) (Wikipedia)
  • …road and dam under Yankee Stadium(s)!

Alec Baldwin: Who Can Beat McCain? – Politics on The Huffington Post

The next day:

When I first cut and pasted it from Wikipedia the asterisks (bullets) caused the posting to truncate yet was under the requisite number of words, so since it had yet to be moderated I thought the moderator would throw out the first and leave the second.

My point is that Bernadette Castro, a furniture heiress from NYC, known for some of the earliest TV commercials in many NYers mind, her jumping up and down on one of their bed/sofas in a long night shirt, an adolescent I think, was the GOP candidate against the “Democrat machine” once upon a time and she spent quite a bit of money. After she lost Senator Moynihan’s “replacement” was the former First Lady, and one of the two women at the Watergate hearings, who ran against what the GOP decided was an appropriate candidate, a young inexperienced gentleman from Long Island, as if to say “you win”.

Anyone can run is a myth we all share, and given the record spending in this campaign you have to wonder if America is going to the “heirs and heiresses”.


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04/08/2008 at 12:42 am

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