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Alec Baldwin: Who Can Beat McCain? – Politics on The Huffington Post

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The Republicans began what had been described as a "sneaky" telephone registration drive in Mississippi in 1979, what some thought litigious. They had banks of phone callers using phone books and asked if they could send a card, and don’t quote me here, if the card was not returned it meant you were a ?

I was working in the archeology of the impacts of the since built Tennessee-Tombigbee Barge Canal, as it was called, which tore up NE MS and channelized the Tombigbee River into Alabama and out to Mobile on the Gulf of Mexico. That river runs through "Tennessee" Williams home town of Columbus, MS where I lived for awhile on that phase of archeology nearby the Waverly Plantation, before moving on to Belmont, MS near scenic Tishomingo, where they found Aaron Burr had been after the duel with Alexander Hamilton, from the money available for Bicentennial research in 1976.

The Congress’ choice, (or no choice) was between a new technology "energy island" for NYC (a few NYC archeology types worked there in MS where the then "new" Grand Dragon outed and to this day is followed by Southern Poverty Law Center) and barge canal (Tennessee River feeder) in the Tombigbee River, is apparently also for an unforeseen time when the Mississippi becomes useless from drought or deluge. I find it interesting that in Western New York I can dump a pail of water in the Allegheny river and it flows out in New Orleans, Louisiana. Huge drainage. Alec Baldwin: Who Can Beat McCain? – Politics on The Huffington Post


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