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Bill Moyers: On Journalism – Media on The Huffington Post

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A cousin a Korean War Army Captain worked for US Army Signal Corps making training films after his service in Korea and became a film editor at NBC, back when TV news was 15 minutes, the station promised “film at eleven” sent on motorcycle, rush delivered, developed and edited. One day at “Huntley and Brinkley” the news director was sick and they asked the film editor George Murray to be the director. They liked him and he went on to later produce NBC News. We heard he was in Houston and Saigon covering the Gemini program that led up to Apollo and the “police action” in Vietnam that turned into a war.

Noted television journalist Edwin Newman read a letter at his eulogy in the UN Chapel, he had died in Mexico City, where his wife, an Avon executive was introducing that product there I was told. I heard that the letter Mr. Newman read, a letter George Murray had to send to his crew in Vietnam spending months of investigation there at risk to life and limb to present the “soldiers point of view” in the Vietnam Conflict (never a Congressional declared war, referred to as “Madison Avenue’s War”) had to stop as it was canceled by “higher-ups” at NBC. ? General Westmoreland later sued the network for millions over alleged “body count” manipulation when NBC did a retrospective report on the Vietnam debacle, settled, for an undisclosed, unpublished amount. Does the military-industrial complex now own NBC?

Wooops that was Westmoreland vs. CBS (1982) as shown on the cover of “TV Guide” (Forbes)

“Depositions made by Rusk during the trial of William C. Westmoreland vs. CBS Inc., etal., in 1984 may also prove engaging. Rusk was a prolific writer, and many of the articles and book reviews he penned on international issues and foreign policy are included in these files.”

Dean Rusk Articles and Speeches, 1951-1994

Richard B. Russell Library

Bill Moyers: On Journalism – Media on The Huffington Post

Ed.- George Murray was an award winning news producer (pers. comm. Edwin Newman) and won an award for a production called “Vanishing Americans” about native Americans in the US and the terrible conditions on some of the reservations. A similar sentiment I saw in the old photo album the grand-daughter of one of the founders of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) showed me, a photo journal album of her grandfather’s, at Harvard University, while we dug many test holes a stones throw from Princeton University, NJ, from travels out in the American southwest while undergrads I think she said, where the current “presumptive” Republican candidate for US President is from. I wonder what his record on those issues are?


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