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Petraeus, Custer and You – Dick Cavett – Opinion – New York Times Blog

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Once to the Choctaw pow-wow near Philadelphia, Mississippi (to a few Shinnecock ones on Long Island, recommended at one time by the US Dept. of Commerce) I asked Iron Eyes Cody for his autograph. He played Crazy Horse in “Sitting Bull” (1954) and shed a tear for the garbage we throw out without thinking. I recall that there was a tribal historian’s book, and in it Custer “Son of the Morning Star” as they called him (not sure if Janus-like, the morning and evening are the same) had met with some there in 1876 or so from the piles of clippings and other ephemera the historian had collected. I wonder if, the last in his class at West Point, and remember a former student began the artillery barrage of his former professor at Fort Sumter, SC, if some still had a score to settle with him (i.e., Quantrill, as shown in the John Wayne, Roy Rogers films) since some of the even archeology data, has some problems with the recounting. Would he have watched his men under attack perish in attack as was thought, for example? War is hell as General Tecumseh Sherman I think said (the first in war against property) and a “civil war” perhaps the worst. In this we might agree that General Petraeus has warned us so, our own sometimes, it seems, still being fought.

Petraeus, Custer and You – Dick Cavett – Opinion – New York Times Blog

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04/26/2008 at 7:01 pm

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