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National museums group honors Monitor Center

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As a grand-nephew of Master Mariner Leman Chapman Urquhart, a Canadian captain of the “S.S. City of Atlanta” sunk in Jan. 1942 by U-123 off Cape Hatteras, who had been employed as a Savannah, GA harbor pilot, and had left the NYC dock, with the resulting loss of 43, 2 survivors, I applaud this rescue of NYC heritage where it was built, organized among a number of firms, a first. Somewhat connected to its different researchers by participation in another effort, the EPA cleanup of Cold Spring, NY where the West Point Foundry was, I would hope America will be able to settle it’s regional differences peaceably. The “last slaver” the luxury yacht “Wanderer” built in Setauket, NY, even boarded by British slavery blockade about 1858, yet delivered what was left of its illegal human cargo to Jekyll Island, Georgia is reflected in my mind in today’s illegal international “rendition” flights and worrisome for our own country’s fate at the hand of regional sectionalism. National museums group honors Monitor Center – Topix


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05/03/2008 at 9:47 pm

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