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Interested in film, was at Gerald O’Grady’s Media Center with classes with Paul Sharits, while Hollis Frampton and the Vasulkas were in Buffalo, NY. Also shot video for Stan Vanderbeek’s student, some at Watkins Glen Rock Festival, NY Woodstock’s post script (1974). Former Korean War Army Captain, a cousin, George Murray, after duty made Army Signal Corps training films, then began film editing at NBC News, directing “Huntley and Brinkley” and producing news for NBC and CBS until 1976, both parties conventions. He died in Mexico City, wife was an Avon executive. Edwin Newman read the eulogy in UN Chapel, canceling “soldiers view” in Vietnam he once wrote stopped by “higher ups”.

I worked or trained for awhile in Rollei close-range photogrammetry, the ability to computer reconstruct 3D from multiple photos for crime scene investigation, architecture, science but on archeology sites, on EPA contaminated sites. Thought first needed in Gander, NL after a US service air-crash, when a blizzard stopped a Canadian investigation. Some car crashes in England are so recorded and investigated. (1989-1994; Intel 386). Loved the CBC Mark Hamill narration of forensics, watched “all day” before Flight 800, the memorial there is where we swam in high school, Smith’s Point. Mr. Hamill did much of the character voice work for Brent Spiner’s “Dreamland” CD recently. Arielman


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