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Can Bob Schieffer Save CBS News (Again)? – Media on The Huffington Post

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George Murray, directed "Huntley and Brinkley" and award-winning TV producer, according to Edwin Newman, at NBC, produced CBS’s coverage of both conventions in 1976. Walter Cronkite is currently a spokesperson for the "Drug Policy Alliance" and supports "its dedication to ending the War on Drugs and replacing it with a new drug policy based on science, compassion, health and human rights." One terrible story, a 16 year old waiting with his mother to talk to a judge in NYC leapt out an open 10th floor window over a marijuana cigarette.

We should not blame the journalists, like the letter Mr. Murray had to write to our journalists in Vietnam, trying to get "the soldier’s view" were canceled by "higher-ups" as was read at the eulogy for Mr. Murray by Mr. Newman in the UN Chapel.

I’m not sure what is wrong with the evening news but it might be the "promise" of embedded reporting which might also be canceled by "higher-ups" and by firings, if as reported by the former Manhattan Borough President and NYC mayoral candidate, Ruth Messenger, who states Bronx native and former Secretary of State General Colin Powell, (son Michael Powell once head of the FCC), was fired over his views for needed US involvement in Darfur. She had run against the incumbent, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who I read, also "canceled" the State Comptroller orders to "open the books" before 9/11. Perhaps the "malaise" is in leadership and not TV reporting.

Can Bob Schieffer Save CBS News (Again)? – Media on The Huffington Post

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05/06/2008 at 7:00 pm

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