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Subject: English pottery without marks

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The only makers marks I’ve seen on 4’x8′ plywood sheets on saw-horses (Abraham Lincoln once brought one to a race) full of creamware sherds from ceramic shop deposits at the “175 Water Street” site in NYC had been impressed “Herculaneum” with a green tinge from the glaze apparent on the “creamware”. I’ve also heard here there may have been a small industry in once important South Carolina (not that it isn’t today, when ships were at sea in trade then more important than other places perhaps) and considering that British industry was “impounded” often (as in the ordnance industry, some of their workers given false identities and worked in the West Point Foundry in some of the latest issuance of “industrial indenture” known, Rutsch, et al) it’s possible. Or like some of the “Chinese” porcelain wares, made by settlers elsewhere i.e., in the Philippines by Chinese crafts-people there. Giraffes in Beijing!

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05/24/2008 at 8:26 pm

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