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Vincent Bugliosi: George Bush’s Unseemly Response to the Suffering He Has Caused – Politics on The Huffington Post

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It’s hard not to get caught up in the particulars, i.e., angry, about the money from the State sale of the sponsored stadium’s team, and the money to buy the former German’s turkey ranch in Crawford, Texas so I try to think of singer entertainer Joe Cocker’s real cattle ranch in Crawford, Colorado. Money apparently to an arranged sale, the brother owner of CBS wanted the team, but couldn’t have it. That was reported by a family historian (I heard the former President’s father had a big hand in building Shea Stadium in Queens, NY) who had an interview on the WNYC radio station one day, which he insisted the Bush family had no direct contact with the Nazis in their strategic metals business shut down as a matter of course by the Feds when the second World War broke out, a short time after Pearl Harbor, when Germany declared war on the US. According to the Texas Peerage research, there’s only one Bush in Texas a large ranch owner and they’re not related. Vincent Bugliosi: George Bush’s Unseemly Response to the Suffering He Has Caused – Politics on The Huffington Post

Ed. – added May 29, 2008 What has been left out was the complaints I heard (some of my relatives are Canadians) was the amount of time it took President Bush to acknowledge the errors made by the US National Air Guard from Illinois when it bombed Canadian troops in Afghanistan and killed five of their soldiers. It seemed too long when he could have said it sooner…we’re sorry took an inordinate amount of time for someone who seemed to be in command.


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