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Tetchy, tetchy, tetchy…what is Elizabeth Taylor’s entry in the dictionary.

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Newsvine – What’s This About Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Interesting research. My father never had a birth certificate, born the day after Christmas on the kitchen table, the youngest of eleven at 660 Water St., NYC. The doctor forgot to file one! In that case a Catholic baptismal certificate was accepted instead. His dad was a real estate reporter, made some extra cash knowing where the new coal contracts would be. His son perished in the “Hall of Records” in the elevator shaft in a wheelchair, Basil O’Connor, represented them, they got $5000, a “lot of money in those days” for the accident from the City. My dad was just about to ship out, had a weeks bereavement leave instead, before ending up in Italy, the coldest winter in 100 years. His sister’s husband was a law clerk in FDR’s law office. This could be an unpopular issue with the troops who I read vote Democrat mostly. A VP candidate Wesley Clark would be a good choice, once thought to have been Hillary Clinton’s. Or both from different parties a better choice. HA!

tetchy – TOUCHY (the ~ manner of two women living in the same house — Elizabeth Taylor (novelist d. 1975) – Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary – Tenth Edition


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