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Newsvine – Bush to Iran: ‘All options’ are open over nukes

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Newsvine – Bush to Iran: ‘All options’ are open over nukes

Just the other day in 1981, Israeli jets flew over international airspace shaped like an errant airliner on radar to bomb the French built nuclear power plant in Iraq suspected of making nuclear weapons. A few years earlier the US had a compound of almost 4000 Grumman employees in Iran training them to fly and service the F-14 jet fighter/bomber (Tom Cruise flew one in “Top Gun”) for the Shah of Iran. Before the “hostage crisis” when Iranian students took over a US Embassy in protest of, in part, of being spied on by Savak, the then secret police of Iran, while attending school in the US, they had asked Henry Kissinger no less what could be done, he replied nothing, also out of office himself. The “Aegis” system aboard a US Navy ship shot down an Iranian commercial jetliner full of pilgrims for Mecca. The payoff was quick and large. There was a picture of the Ayatollah in the press with a gift of the President Reagan family Bible. I once sat with the F-14 test pilot when it was announced on TV we were going to blowup all the F-14s if the USSR made a move for their then mutual border. He said the air-to-air missiles would upset the balance of power in the world in their hands, on his belated birthday. His wife had been in Iran as part of the Grumman family. The Iranians also made an offer for the space station Mir before it was lowered out of orbit.

One of the Israeli pilots who flew that incredibly precise mission, who would later become an astronaut, perished in the Space Shuttle Columbia burnup on re-entry. His sketchbook was found in Texas and is being conserved.


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06/12/2008 at 1:11 pm

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