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Newfield H.S., Marshall Drive, Selden, NY

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Mass. gov’s daughter says she’s gay; Dad says he’s proud – Topix

Gee according to “Gray’s Anatomy” many human bones haven’t even finished growing yet. Some people’s height and other features change after “18”. Who’s to say? When I was 18 I wasn’t a citizen with voting rights and the Marine Corps had come to my High School, the first, in the town named after the former judge who was a “character witness” for the woman who dressed as a man to vote, Susan B. Anthony and was put on trial for it. She too, wasn’t a citizen with voting rights, but because she was a woman. The town? Right here on Long Island, Selden, NY. The year for JROTC? 1969.

Ed. – A former Newfield H.S. student, US Army Specialist Ariel Marino, died in Viet Nam in 1968, and his name appears (no doubt “him”) on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. He’s cited as orginally a “Roman Catholic” “Negro” from NYC.


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06/13/2008 at 12:03 pm

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