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Space Shuttle Porn: Our Endangered Space Shuttle Glides, As Seen From Space

In the beginning there was to be two “Orbiter” missions, one the USAF was to launch from Vandenberg, CA for military missions the other for civilian missions out of Cape Canaveral. One of the early DOS CGA simulators, “Orbiter” very accurate for what it was, would have laser weapons options. The public argued over the costs and as I recall became a compromise with five “orbiters” or Shuttles as the ISS got off the proverbial ground and was argued about too. The simulators main competition was the “Chuck Yeagar’s Advanced Flight Simulator” c) 1987 which required “DOS 2.0 or greater”. Many like Carl Sagan questioned the return on investment, if the program “devolved” into a solely military purpose, or took too much away from the unmanned exploration of the solar system. The Planetary Society for example has pursued a “solar sail” program with the Russians, aboard one of their submarines (rocket failed to get the upgrade, reminded me of the misplaced ‘,’ vs. ‘.’ in a software control program said to have doomed one launch) since the similar NASA mission is off in the future, if at all.

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06/14/2008 at 7:59 pm

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