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Andy Worthington: The Supreme Court’s Guantanamo Ruling: What Does It Mean? – Politics on The Huffington Post

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It might also mean a type of “Her Majesty’s Search Warrant” used to search any dwelling, car, boat, etc. based on suspicion of “drug” related crime will be challenged.

Some of the Gitmo defendants were even paid for I recall, turned in for a sum of money in very poor surroundings. Doesn’t that sound like slavery? Nearby in the Guantanamo Province on Cape Maisi is where the infamous American “last slaver” “Wanderer” sank in the fruit trade not too long after the American Civil War. It was boarded by a British Navy officer of the slavery blockade off Africa in 1858, and thought too elegant a yacht to be involved in that terrible illegal trade. It collected many people to be sold into slavery and landed what was left of their numbers on Jekyll Island, Georgia. It would later sail under Confederate and Union service. It was built in the Captain Brewster Hawkins shipyard in Setauket, NY and sold to a Louisiana cotton merchant’s broker.

Without this ruling, perhaps law officers would be searching through the pillow on your bed, based on anonymous suspicion instead of the rules of evidence, a warrant, which I understand in some countries requires a district attorney to be present when served.

Andy Worthington: The Supreme Court’s Guantanamo Ruling: What Does It Mean? – Politics on The Huffington Post

Ed. – when the “gonzo” journalist Hunter S. Thompson passed away (by his choice or another’s) he left one sentence on his typewriter at his home (and quite a few on the dangers of betting on basketball in his last column) that was, “Fourth Amendment”. A part of the US Constitution – part of the Bill of Rights, it guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. I have here posited that the suspension of habeas corpus leads to violations of the Fourth Amendment and as such government officials should be impeachable on grounds of failing to uphold the Constitution. Indirectly they are becoming “Canadian” and should move to the wide open expanses of the province of New Brunswick, by the way the only officially bilingual province in Canada. Or at least to Maine which couldn’t decide until 1820 whether or not to trust US.

Next door in New Hampshire, you could be arrested in colonial times for having wooden floorboards in your home over 24″ on grounds that it was a theft of the royal timber used in Navy ship mast construction, it’s written.

“Habeas Corpus Barely Saved” The Future of Freedom Foundation

Ed. – “Smoking Gun” copy of the police report “On the typewriter in front of Thompson was a page bearing letterhead reading “Fourth Amendment Foundation”. Upon this page, centered near the top was typed “Feb 22’05”, and the page contained only one word, “counselor”.


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06/16/2008 at 6:55 pm

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