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Battlestar Galactica Review: Battlestar Galactica Goes Planet of the Apes

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Bridge tower in the final cut looks like we might be standing in NYC. One of my granddads worked on it then the Panama Canal when he was older. Looked like it, not there for very long in the scene. Like the “archetype” maybe for it. There’s a fault line I think between the Buttermilk Channel and Manhattan (between Brooklyn and Governors Island where I worked for 4 days in geoarchaeology when it was empty, where Reagan and Gorbachev, who’s getting the Liberty Award in Philadelphia this year, last met. The US’s first flight school was there, Wilbur Wright’s catapults, Army Air Force as it was until 50 years ago or so, now apparently becoming a Christian cult) So let’s see, to play Devil’s Advocate and to “fight City Hall’ (I’ve worked on almshouse burials in City Hall another small cemetery) a cataclysmic war fought with geo-fault weapons leaves us standing in the ruins of former President Clinton’s re-gifting of Governors Island for $1, where there, someday in the 21st century there was a new “Globe Theater” made out of Fort Williams, thanks to Sam Wanamaker’s brother and others (who had brought the one in London “back”) and the Brooklyn Bridge, built to 1000% engineering is partially left, the world ripped asunder. Hmmm…or somewhere else. Battlestar Galactica Review: Battlestar Galactica Goes Planet of the Apes


Written by georgejmyersjr

06/16/2008 at 10:41 pm

Posted in 9-11, Twin Towers

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