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Newsvine – Analysis: Will McCain’s Carter link ring true?

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Then President Jimmy Carter also “inherited” some world class problems and headaches brought by history and Republican policies I believe. One was the Grumman Corporation’s compound of almost 4000 employees, mostly from the Republican stronghold of Long Island, who were training the Shah of Iran’s air-force to fly the 80 F-14s it had taken delivery on (to have been 100) reported in the press there, Newsday. I had the pleasure of meeting the test pilot and was a fellow student of anthropology with his wife, an archaeologist who also had traveled to Iran, prior to the occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran (or as it used to be spelled Teheran) by students who voiced opposition to their being spied upon both there and while attending school in the US by Savak, the “secret police” of Iran. It had also brought Iranian students to the US, primarily engineering students, some specifically to Stony Brook University, where I attended classes and drove sometimes for Tootsie Taxi, sometime transporting students, based at the old train station. Where I also worked in Security on the weekends, it was literally wide open to the public except for what little I and other work-study students could muster-up on often single or double person shifts at the gym, a popular destination for sports and music. One group, the “Allman Brothers”, with Capricorn records, raised quite a bit o money for then Governor of Georgia’s presidential race, now the former President Carter and play every year in New York’s Beacon Theater since they once opened for “Mountain” at the Stony Brook Gym.

It seems disingenuous of the presumptive Republican candidate to judge one of the few presidents we’ve had from Annapolis, who also received a degree in nuclear engineering in New York State. Although then Governor Ronald Reagan began his presidential campaign in upstate New York, a then Republican stronghold, it would be wise to see that some of the problems of United States has come from New York Republicanism. Said jokingly, once its Chairman of the Republican party and Cabinet member, George B. Cortelyou, is cited by the National Archives as the first “White House Press Secretary” when he invited the press into the White House to discuss President McKinley’s condition, then expected to recover. The rest they say is history. Newsvine – Analysis: Will McCain’s Carter link ring true?


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06/20/2008 at 8:58 pm

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