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Newsvine – Analysis: Will McCain’s Carter link ring true? Part 2

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General Norman Schwartzkopf’s father as part of a US Expeditionary Force, put the shahs in power in Iran I read, and since then, the 1930s there has been a dialectic between the clerics and the political shah system, in part supported by the US. I would like to know which US party thought putting the mainstay of the US fleet in Iran was a good idea, to the tune of 100 Grumman F-14 fighter/bombers, like in “Top Gun” the film. I would also like to know if they had any problems, some were worked on at Langley and modified after said crisis and I ‘ve also seen footage of unrecoverable horizontal spins as part of coverage of an air show crash while in Albany, NY collecting reports for the GE cleanup of the Upper Hudson River of PCBs. I’ve also recently, while looking for wreckage of missing record-setting aviator and millionaire Steve Fossett online in air and satellite coverage in Nevada have seen the purported practice runways where the failed military rescue attempt was practiced that was lost in the desert sandstorm in Iran. I was sitting with the test pilot, Tom Gwynne, on a belated birthday, when the mainstream media announced we were prepared to blow up all the F-14s if the USSR crossed their border into Iran. He said it must be the air-to-air missile technology, since most of the plane is known. I also read it had the capability to acquire 6 targets and keep track of them. So who put the Grumman Corporation’s almost 4000 employees training Iranian F-14 pilots, ground crews and service people just outside of Tehran? Newsvine – Analysis: Will McCain’s Carter link ring true?

Wikipedia entry on Canada’s “New Fighter Aircraft program

“Additionally, the F-14 almost ended up being purchased from Iran, as their fleet was facing the prospect of falling into disuse due to a lack of spares in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution. Canadian diplomats tried to convince the Iranians to sell its fleet of eighty almost-new fighters at cut-rate prices. However, the negotiations fell through in the aftermath of the Canadian caper in which six American diplomats were smuggled out of Iran from the Canadian embassy.”


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06/21/2008 at 3:00 am

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