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10 Scariest Asteroid Attacks on Earth: The Near Hits and Approaching Terrors

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A few left out I think, though not verified perhaps. In 1938 (?) there was a NEO event reported, which might be because not many read or write Chinese and/or Arabic in the West. There’s an ellipse of meteor falls on the map of western Saudi Arabia (there’s one in Mecca I believe) which at the time orbital mechanics had yet to explain (ca. 1978). It was also reported here on the web that the “Chicago Fire” coincided with forest burning thought perhaps by its range and frequency to have resulted from fireballs from above. Considering they pick up quite a few in Antarctica, sometimes from helicopter missions to do just that, low altitude visual flight rules, see one stop and look, so there might still be a large one or crater to find there. There are some thought to have fallen quite slowly from an odd aerodynamic and “striking” angle that have survived somewhat intact, (3 million stone “skips”) one in what became a sacred area in Africa I saw on-line. 10 Scariest Asteroid Attacks on Earth: The Near Hits and Approaching Terrors


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06/22/2008 at 6:31 pm

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