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Dick Cavett Talks About His Depression

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Mr. Cavett introduced an idiom? (odium ?) once I thought quite funny. I hope I have it right: “Fold it seven times and stick it where the Moon don’t shine.” I think it’s from the great state of Nebraska. They were in a four way tie with Arkansas, Alabama, and New Mexico for the largest turnout (76%) for Bob Dole in the 1996 Republican primary. Only New Jersey (82%) and Puerto Rico (98%) had a greater turnout for Mr. Dole of Kansas (and New Hampshire).

Just seeing what was left of Mr. Cavett’s historic house on “Tick Hill” after it burned down from a blowtorch was enough to depress me, though he valiantly restored it to its original as best possible out there near Montauk Point. Another Mead Hall, at Drew University, in Madison, NJ, the former NJ governor Kean, was its president, also co-chairman of the “9/11 Commission” had a similar fire, though fortunately for cooling the structure has a large hidden interior brick “firewall”. Woody Allen’s wife went there. Can you imagine, the lighthouse at Montauk Point, on the end of America’s largest island, (called its “front porch”) commissioned by President George Washington, designed by McComb, who also designed, among other important structure, New York’s City Hall, has to be saved from falling into the sea by an “earmark”? What would George have thought, or for that matter Groucho Marx? Dick Cavett Talks About His Depression

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06/23/2008 at 5:01 pm

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