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Katie Couric’s Notebook: George Carlin – Couric & Co.

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They was an interview with TV talk show host Merv Griffin (ed. – where he appeared with Yoko Ono and John Lennon on the internet. He said he always wanted to be an actor and went on a journey of sorts to get there and realized he’d rather be writing the material than trying to speak parts others had written. Ironically, he became one of our great American stage comedians. Katie Couric’s Notebook: George Carlin – Couric & Co.
Dear Mr. Seinfeld:

Sometimes I think we know each other. That Fiat? There were some surfers who pre-purchased a small Landrover in Morocco. When they got there they put their surfboards on top for a surfin‘ safari across Africa with a return trip through Israel. Unfortunately around Idi Amin, the rainy season ruts from the huge “lorries” caused the Landrover to roll over. Most of the guys went home except for one who was doing an independent photo study for class credit on the effects of Western culture on Africa. At one place he had to hide his camera by pretending to be peeing off the back of the truck. With only one radio station, maybe foreigners traveling through central Africa were considered perhaps to be spying. To make a long story shorter, he crossed the continent, went surfing in the Seychelles, instead went to Lourdes, returned home to Long Island, drove that Fiat to Buffalo’s new Amherst campus (new dorms designed by I.M. Pei and Davis-Brody) where he showed me the photos of the journey. I had lost my former room-mate Cramer when I moved to the new dorm, our party of four had once spent a night in the Calais, Maine jail after a border agent found a single marijuana seed in the crack of the bench seat of the “station car” clunker he had borrowed from his father who ran a gas-station (he had to fly up and repurchase the book value of it) in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn.  We had taken “spring break” on Grand Manan Island, in Seal Cove where my family once had a large house falling off its foundation (don’t put beach rocks in your concrete mix, they’re salty) next to the schoolhouse. After watching your show about “nothing” (were you in Lawler’s “Existentialism” class? I wonder how the tenure petition went.) I sometimes think perhaps our dharmas crossed somewhere, making that “Dharma for 2″.

Sincerely, I hope the hurricane season stays mild, my mom got married in one and hardly anyone showed up in the Bronx,

George Myers

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06/26/2008 at 8:52 pm

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