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Newsvine – The real winner in the Supreme Court’s gun-rights decision

I think we should look at the context of the Bill of Rights as New York, which became the first capital of the new republic. New York would not ratify the Constitution without the 10 Amendments. The National Guard, was originally just that, and other states in the union wanted guarantees that they would not be taken over by a strong central military at the command of the Executive, which at the time, the President and the Vice President could and were from different parties, until amended, showing perhaps the concern and therefore the language of “militia”.

When the Civil War “Draft Riots” occurred, and a subsequent National Guard courts martial of its leading officer for a reason I’ve not been able to determine, the regiment from the Bowery, of the original “capital” guard then composed of mostly very northern New Yorkers, were called out in defense of Washington, D.C. where they went to protect the ‘final’ capital of Washington, DC, and where a new dome, forged in the Bronx, NY was being erected on the Capitol for a little over $1 million. That National Guard unit was later mustered out on Big Brother Island in the Bronx.

In the Draft Riots there was a report that the NY Times offices were protected from the rampaging mob, who had read the published report that printed that draftees could escape service for $300, with a primitive form of repeating “machine gun”. I’m not sure where director Martin Scorsese got the cannon fire in “The Gangs of New York” probably part of his dramatic artistic license.


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06/27/2008 at 6:51 pm

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