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Two Clinton Voters On Why They’re Not On Board With Obama – Horserace

In the little church in Penalt, Wales on the Wye River valley, between England and Wales, where Robert Plant once lived and a friend of mine, a FitzHerbert is from, there is an old painting and on it in the church is the Latin motto: Semper Eadum ”always the same” a motto of the monarchy of Great Britain a place mistakenly thought of as having everywhere the same language, English. I hope the coming campaign stays civil, and we don’t all end asking “Why vote?”

Clip: Alanis Morrisette Discusses Her Lesbian Days With Howard Stern

I hope she’s not too sad having played “God” in “Dogma” (Kevin Smith film) with George Carlin who played the cleric in the church she appears out of. Listening to Mr. Smith’s writing (Silent Bob) it was a role George Carlin always wanted to play and he played it finally. I will miss Joji Carlin.


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06/30/2008 at 2:39 am

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