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The evolution of a conspiracy theory

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BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The evolution of a conspiracy theory

It wasn’t only the Twin Towers that collapsed on September 11. A third World Trade Center tower that wasn’t hit by the planes also fell. As a report into Tower 7 prepares to publish its findings, Mike Rudin considers how this conspiracy theory got to be so big.

Comment: The trade-off once was that building in this de-mapped area did not have to follow NYC fire code, emergency lighting in some cases went in after the first attack (read off the electrical grid on their own generators). Over 15,000 gallons of “illegal” diesel fuel was placed in Bldg. 7 by the Giuliani administration who thought it the best place for an emergency command center which could lead to liability questions for NYC (source, NYC private civic, “City Club of New York” meetings once on public television) perhaps instead of for the NY/NJ Port Authority. 

I once visited the site when it was going up after excavations for its basement in the landfill, as much of the areas up to two blocks in and former “slips” are, where it’s said digging had revealed a ship hulk and an 18th century horse harness was recovered from the area of a former dock by a Queens County historian/librarian. The harness is in conservation treatment at the Long Island Science Center. The archaeologist and I were not allowed into the site. NYC Landmarks Commission now has an archaeologist (s) on its staff. I went to school with its first one, she’s at Cornell University now.


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