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Spy vs. Spy

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We once built submerged chains across the Hudson River that would catch up the large ships of the British Navy led by Admiral Cornwallis in New York city, who according to more recent British forensic research, may have been poisoning King George with the arsenic in his powdered wig. These chains would keep the British forces from a “divide and conquer” action which included the string of British forts above Albany, NY into Canada. General Cornwallis in Virginia, fought us and the French troops who had disembarked in Rhode Island, marched to join General Washington’s troops near Kings Ferry on the Hudson in NY and crossing, onto the defeat the other Cornwallis, with the French fleet in Virginia. I cannot believe that an attack by so few “today” can cause so much trouble for so many, without wondering, was that their plan? “Ground zero” is currently across the street from American University at Homeland Security. Why make it everywhere with FISA? Bob Ostertag: A Powerful, Easy Way to Tell Obama to Get FISA Right – Politics on The Huffington Post


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07/08/2008 at 5:01 pm

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