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Investigation: Army Probes Firing of Arlington Whistle-Blower

Coming from a high school with the first Marine Corps JROTC in it (Newfield, Marshall Drive, Selden, NY named after the judge who was character witness at Susan B. Anthony’s trial for posing as a man to vote, a judicial “no-no”) which promised an all-volunteer service (which one? what if you liked another?) in place of the then current draft (~1970; Selective Service was changed to a “lottery system” by a NY legislator, before sometimes used in place of incarceration) I object to firing her. The National Guard started as guarding the Nation’s capital, first NYC, state militias followed. I think they don’t want to show what they should have kept at home, the National Guard. In 10 years and over 1 million service people to the Vietnam Conflict, only about 300 were ever National Guard. So last heard from, there was over 20,000 JROTC’s in mostly poor schools costing $1 billion (1990s) are they working? Are they the working replacement to a draft?

Maybe you can help me. My former girlfriend’s home phone was listed under Arlington W. Is Arlington a woman’s name or a man’s? I know it was once Robert E. Lee’s and I saw his granted return to US citizenship letter on the Golden Triangle Airport wall in Mississippi. I really don’t know. Do you?


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07/12/2008 at 8:25 pm

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