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After long struggle, doctor added to 9/11 victim list – Topix

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I’ve worked on human remains in City Hall Park, next to Horace Greeley’s statue in 1999 and many if not all and others were not known about, though the “First Almshouse Cemetery” was known to be on the Commons, near the prison “…blacker than any Black Hole of Calcutta” (NY Times 1903) where Ethan Allen and others may have been tortured in the American Revolution. Other remains were found there too though no dated artifacts to my knowledge. A similar cemetery from the later American Revolution period was found on Governors Island. My point is I’ve worked on many unmarked areas and just because she’s not been found doesn’t mean she may not yet be found to have been there, as recent events in the news have shown, including scandalous proceedings by investigators. It should have been a National Priority, like some of the EPA Superfunds I’ve also worked on. She may have been a very brave woman and perished thus. Just an archaeology tech’s view. After long struggle, doctor added to 9/11 victim list – Topix


Written by georgejmyersjr

07/13/2008 at 12:53 am

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