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Fluted points

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Texas Archaeological Dig Challenges Assumptions about First Americans: Scientific American

Some of the “fluted” points look similar to one found in a cornfield across the street from “Jasper Park” in Vera Cruz, PA. The teacher there had shown it to me I was looking at another highway extension to impact jasper mine activities there in the late 1970s. He said U of Penn thought it at least 10,000 years old. He had some carborundum nodules he also collected nearby. It’s sometimes called “turtleback” jasper, either from the spotted brown (turns red in heat) or the large nodules were reduced to large “turtles” to carry like one I saw a Maryland flint-knapper had, traded as far away as New England, the state sign says. One of the earliest articles printed in the “American Anthropologist” discussed the pit mines though abandoned about 1640 dated from Dr. Mercer’s tree-ring dating a very early citation for that type of dating (190?). He was a large collector of folk art and tools and had a museum nearby.


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