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Trinity and Neo

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–>| YOU (JojiMyers) have joined #startrek
=-= Topic for #startrek is “all the wookies say i’m pretty fly for a jedi”
=-= Topic for #startrek was set by Lycereth on Saturday, July 12, 2008 3:59:02 AM
<JojiMyers> I once was a member of Shatner’s DVD Horror/Sci-fi club. Once a month one or two DVD’s would show up. Lasted about a year.
<JojiMyers> Werewolves of Wall Street is my favorite with Eric Roberts
<JojiMyers> I worked in the building on the 13th floor it was filmed in with landlady Woodie Allen’s ex Louise Lasser Sorry “Wolves of Wall Street” was 2002 film
<K`ira> never heard of it
<JojiMyers> Its on a corner either 25 William St. or 40 Exchange Place next to the Irish restaurant “Punt” after the previous dollar in Ireland the $ punt now the euro.
<JojiMyers> It must have been filmed before 9/11 because Trinity Church has been steam cleaned since
<JojiMyers> Greenhouse Consultants, archaeologists, are on the 13th floor.
<JojiMyers> Trinty was black from air pollution
<JojiMyers> Trinity
<JojiMyers> Greenhouse used to be on Trinity Place
<JojiMyers> He’s from Brooklyn lives in Atlanta. I don’t think he’s a wolf, maybe he is. I’m a Seawolf from Stony Brook U
<JojiMyers> Happy birthday Phoebe Snow!

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07/17/2008 at 5:46 pm

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