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I think President Bush and others are disingenuous. Canada is the primary supplier of petroleum, Saudi Arabia very close behind. We killed five Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and the President took three days to apologize, lending credence to the feeling that he’s either not there or not really in charge. I listened to the Congressman from Titusville, Pennsylvania, where oil was first drilled profitably, once by the way drilled by foot, i.e., a jig was danced on the bit to get through the rock, and he was 100% for gas drilling off shore and insisted that natural gas is what we should be looking for. It might also relieve some of the pressure in places, according to scientists that might become methane eruptions undersea that will/would contribute significantly to the “greenhouse warming” effects. The former President was a “wild cat driller” after WWII, and like father like son, just start drilling, anywhere. There’s no ships or platforms, sounds like politics as usual, in my opinion. Canada has gas and I worked on the Millennium Pipeline project (Canada-Cleveland,OH-Mount Vernon, NY) still in progress.

Whos Backing Gingrichs Drill Here Push? – Dot Earth – Climate Change and Sustainability – New York Times Blog


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07/17/2008 at 7:40 pm

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