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Gothamist: Weekend Movie Forecast: X-Files or Step Brothers?

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Gothamist: Weekend Movie Forecast: X-Files or Step Brothers?

The midnight movies this weekend are Dick Tracy, starring Madonna and Warren Beatty, at the Sunshine, and at the IFC Center there’s Wild in the Streets, a 1968 film with Richard Pryor and Shelley Winters that tells the story of a rebellious teen who becomes a rock star and then president of the U.S., at which point he sends the old people to live in retirement homes where they’re force-fed LSD.

A high school friend and co-worker at Zum Zum, a once Bavarian franchise fast-food restaurant, Doug Drexler co-won an Academy Award for the extensive and laborious make-up in Dick Tracy, many of the characters had to have the original comic strip look. He has been nominated up for an Emmy I read for his artistic work on Battlestar Galactica. He has been associated with the Star Trek franchise for many years, who with a neighbor on Long Island had one of the first Star Trek publications, I thought a medical reference guide for “Bones”.


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07/25/2008 at 7:42 pm

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