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Virgin Galactic Mothership Unveiled by Branson (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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I searched satellite imagery for Steve Fossett, who flew a Virgin sponsored jet around the world non-stop (along with other records) when he disappeared last Sept. 3, 2007 and I found a) the head of US search and rescue was replaced by a woman when it was found he had made fraudulent statements about his career achievements, b) the commercial imagery supplied through left a lot to be desired, i.e., I looked at over 12,000 images that were supposed to be an overlay of pre-day and post day that he disappeared and they very often did not even line up, like astronomers do to see the differences from one day to the next to spot movement, in this case features on the ground, c) compared to Amelia Earhart, in my opinion, perhaps over the sensitive nature of the area of California/Nevada, i.e., once one of the largest munitions storages in the world; practice runway for those elite troops that perished in the desert attempting to free some of the hostages during the 1979 US Embassy crisis; it seemed that there was hardly any government effort in comparison to find the world record holding aviator, or so it seemed. Perhaps on demand remote sensing, i.e., hyperspectral cameras, relatively cheap used in agriculture, geology, etc., onboard a ship like this might also aid future search and rescue efforts and not have to rely on the satellite scheduling bottlenecks and technology.

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07/28/2008 at 9:35 pm

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