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Newsvine – Carter’s new fight, over Ga. dams, a familiar one

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Before former President Jimmy Carter became president there was a weird choice before the Congress, back when it became popularly known that a small rare fish could hold up a dam, and the Encyclopedia Britannica published in its yearbook a built dam on the Rappahannock River, that in reality, due to popular outcry was never built, a choice in the Congress between a canal and an island. The canal, which was built, feeds from the waters of the Tennessee River with the Tombigbee River and created a barge canal that runs from northeastern Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, at Mobile, Alabama, said in case the Mississippi River floods or dries up. I worked on the archaeology of it in 1979, at one site near the Waverly Plantation and the hometown of author “Tennessee” Williams, Columbus, Mississippi. The other, “choice” was an “energy island” for New York City where power generation would be concentrated and cables would carry the electricity to different nodes for the city rather than the various small plants around the city today. Some choice!

Considering the length of time this might be, requiring surveys which actually was the original intent of the current preservation laws, i.e., dam studies, it might make just practical sense to look other places for solutions since there is also as far as I know, no “Federal interpleader law” between the states that could solve it without creating a new TVA Tennessee Valley Authority, which had some of the first archaeology done, I’ve been told by many African-American women.

Newsvine – Carter’s new fight, over Ga. dams, a familiar one


Written by georgejmyersjr

07/29/2008 at 1:33 pm

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