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Newsvine – Bush blames Congress for not acting on gas prices

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His father signed the 1990 law that made it so, so why is he blaming the Congress? His father also signed the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, 1990, which should be used and enforced in the investigation of their “…mutual senior or secret society based at Yale University” (Wikipedia) “Skull and Bones” “fraternity” at Yale University, which allegedly holds parts of the remains of the native North American (Mexico is part of that) chief Geronimo, apparently dug up and “treated” in the club by some of its forbears and apparently used in some ceremony or “rite of passage”. Interesting the broken US Cavalry swords, attributed to the Apache “wars” are in the entrance way to the main building of the Hoyt Farm historic site and county holding, once belonging to a judge, in Hauppauge on Long Island in New York state nearby where many of the court and civil proceedings are held. Methinks he protests too much. I wonder if there really is a brand on his buttock?

I recall the very close hearings that went before in the offshore lease areas in the Gulf of Mexico. There was a concerted effort to open them up but the State of Florida was concerned with pollution from oil affecting its Gulf beaches, wetlands and now I read water supply, i.e., desalination plant in Tampa. More recently I watched the Republican Congressman from where oil was first commercially drilled and used in Titusville, PA, last October on C-Span in Vermont, where there is a wind-farm on Federal Forest land, proposed to be expanded with wind generators taller than the Statue of Liberty I dug test units for. The Congressman had charts and reasons for why we should be drilling for natural gas offshore, primarily the east coast of the US I recall. There’s also the scientists who think that a methane eruption from under the sea could cause a terrible increase in global warming along with tsunami damage which could be another reason for a large scale survey for natural gas offshore. I wish the President had followed the gas initiative, most of the oil, by a squeak, comes from Canada I’ve read.

Newsvine – Bush blames Congress for not acting on gas prices


Written by georgejmyersjr

07/30/2008 at 3:11 pm

Posted in news, politics

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