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Newsvine – New Orleans ordered evacuated ahead of Gustav

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Newsvine – New Orleans ordered evacuated ahead of Gustav

Give it back to the Spanish who settled it first? I am a member of the Society for Industrial Archeology and in one issue, before “Katrina” (I was in N.O. in one that fizzled in August 1979, the wettest year then on record in Mississippi where I worked on the Tenn-Tombigbee Barge Canal archaeology impacts, connects water from Tennessee River to Mobile, Alabama) they showed the pumps, now over 100 years old there to deal with calamities of flooding. As you might imagine, they were good at the time they were made still run but considering the growth of water in the Old Man and expansion of the city, we may need a whole redesign of that system still relied on over 100 years later. As far as the reference to the Democrat’s candidate for President, a position elected by the Electoral College, if you want to pass the US citizen test, you must respond, I have not heard him say that. Originally the P could be from one party the VP from another party the Constitution said.


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08/31/2008 at 5:14 pm

Comment: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Dutch and the Netherlands

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Interesting observations. I heard if you try anything related to drugs in Rotterdam you will find the almost opposite as perceived by the public, partly results from it being a huge shipping port. I live in New York City and work in archaeology and we have had Dutch visitors (too few) who work dig cisterns, privies, etc., to compare the social history with the records that are written about later. I live on Holland Ave. in the Bronx, but it was named after a Mr. Holland, thought too built on landfill in the former Bear Swamp where Regis Philbin grew up. The next street over is Rhinelander, another family, and we try to live in peace.

Comment: 10 things you probably didn’t know about the Dutch and the Netherlands – DailyCandor

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08/31/2008 at 3:05 pm

Police Department Sued Over Planned Downtown Command Center – The New York Sun

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I work in public archaeology often in NYC, in the research and excavation of the City’s cultural resources, often reviewed by the NYC Landmarks Commission, where buildings only as old as 40 years may be placed in the administrative purview of “landmarks” (I think Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland Studios” might qualify now, perhaps) and I am worried about this. Here’s why: far below Manhattan, a water tunnel is coming to lower Manhattan and must come to the surface. There as far as I know only two places it can come up, two properties I am familiar with, having researched one to have been “condemned” for the “shaft” under the Mayor Dinkins admin., in the South Street Historic District, owned by the developer Milstein family, instrumental in Times Square redevelopment, the other, One Police Plaza. I heard at a city hearing on cable, the park, once to have been “Mother Cabrini Park” that the neighbors are upset it’s used for police parking, a brick surfaced park unavailable to them, perhaps used on the premise the water shaft would come up there instead of in the Seaport, and the park never built. Well there you have it, the “water shaft” if it comes up at 1 Police Plaza might make this “Command Center” a “foot in the door” that might require expansion into the area with the selection of the “water shaft” construction at One Police Plaza. The other site has been a “bone of contention” with the local community for years and as far as I know, still being argued over. It was the site of the earliest development in New Amsterdam, and the beginning of the English influence in what became “New York” at the Isaac Allerton Warehouse. He a Puritan, who came over on the Mayflower, is buried in the cemetery next to Yale University that they maintained, moved from another cemetery in the path of “progress”. Either site offers the easiest access to the water network, now stressed further by the rezoning of the upper floors of business skyscrapers to residential use, creating “elevator commuters” perhaps.

Submitted by George Myers, Aug 30, 2008 14:14 – Reader comments at The New York Sun

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08/31/2008 at 4:12 am

NewScientistSpace – Computer meltdowns in space: a short history

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By George Myers  Sat Aug 30 16:17:31 BST 2008

I recall getting a Rollei factory disk for close-range photogrammetry update in Cold Spring, NY from the Canadian Prometric Technologies, working on the remediation design of the Marathon Battery Superfund Site (nickel-cadmium contaminant from batteries for NIKE missiles, next to the West Point Foundry) and it had a "Blackjack" virus variant on it I was informed, perhaps from a disgruntled employee, that company now employee owned in partnership with Samsung I last heard. Does UNIX have any games to pass away the time? Then it might also have "gremlins".

The example I heard was in computer code between a "," and a "." which caused a rocket to have to be aborted, in FORTRAN I think, which is what I thought NASA was using. More close-range photogrammetry please.  Computer meltdowns in space: a short history

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08/30/2008 at 3:31 pm

Sarah Palin: When Choosing A Woman Might Not Be Choosing For Women

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Reminds me a little of “X-15”. Actor then using his Polish name, Bronson, walks up to tell Mary Tyler Moore her husband has crashed and died in an X-15, the fastest ride in the world. Except now Sarah Palin knows she must go back into the past to save George Bush from his Air Guard crash and release to be groomed at Harvard University with the power of John “Experience” McCain. Hasta revista, baby. A small circle of Republicans has gotten just a little larger. JojiMyers at 11:18 PM on 08/29/08

ekthesy at 12:58 AM Reply by Email

I’m surprised. I read all 500 comments and not one about her educational
resume. She attended Hawaii Pacific University, for two years; then the
University of Idaho for three years, finally graduating in five years with a
B.S. in journalism.

In between taking classes, she was participating in beauty pageants.

Aside from her obvious disinterest in educational issues, what does this say
about the intellectual quality of our leaders? John McCain was 894th in a class
of 899. Barack Obama was the president of the Harvard Law Review, and a
professor at the University of Chicago. Joe Biden is an associate professor at
Widener in Delaware, has two undergrad majors and a J.D.

It would be one thing if Sarah Palin lacked national experience. But she is
dangerously inexperienced, at a level that is almost impossible for me to
comprehend. It almost borders on the surreal.

I hate to paraphrase Hillary Clinton (someone this Obama supporter has made
peace with), but imagine this 3 AM phone call:

“President Palin, the President is dead. Please come to the Oval Office.”

Is she ready?

Jezebel: Celebrity, Sex, Fashion Without Airbrushing.

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08/30/2008 at 2:16 pm

SVENSTAVIK – Swedish Sea Sepent?

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STORSJÖODJURET – OBSERVATIONSPLATS SVENSTAVIK Swedish videos of a possible “sea serpent” like thought to inhabit Urquhart’s Bay, a deep bay of Loch Ness in Scotland, written about first about Saint Columba, the missionary there. “St. Columba meets the Loch Ness monster … August 22, 565” Christian History Institute. Written about 100 years after the “facts”.

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08/30/2008 at 1:19 am

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Amazon hides an ancient urban landscape – New Scientist

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Comments – New Scientist Environment By George Myers Fri Aug 29 21:17:34 BST 2008

Back in the 1980s I met Anna C. Roosevelt, the former President Theodore Roosevelt’s grand-daughter at a small “Computers and Archaeology” conference in the recently Forbes endowed college at Princeton University. The small “public archaeology” company I worked for had helped her map one of the mounds she was investigating in Brazil, on the world’s largest freshwater island (the size of the US state of Indiana) Marajo Island. We had just started using the new infrared tacheometer “total station” surveyors use with a linked Epson HX-20 notebook computer (which caused a stir on the airplane to be kept off then). She later published in the American Anthropological Association (1999 Archaeological Papers Number 9) in the “Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World” Elizabeth A. Bacus & Lisa J. Lucero, Editors. As a one time participant in a proposal to film the vanishing rain forest there back in the early 1970s, to counteract the loss of oxygen and the consumption of CO2 I am very pleased and surprised by this research and hope it continues to get support. The stories of the cities stretching away to the east from Machu Picchu then are more than just stories!

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08/29/2008 at 8:23 pm

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