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I’m not sure if the location in the hearing is that one. It was a large almost square tract next to the current limits designated by Congress south of Louisiana. By the way, that money, our common heritage, was supposed to be re-invested in the pursuit of American recreation, i.e., national parks, sports and other activities, and was THE only reason at the time Congress allowed the offshore sales to happen. Over and over again the Congress has borrowed from that fund to the point, it is inconceivable that it could ever be reimbursed. I have worked with some of the people who do the remote-sensing survey, required by law for cultural resources that might be found underwater.

In western New York state, private property owners have gas meters next to their post office boxes, which at first I thought because of the long driveways I thought made the meter reading easier. I was wrong there are private wells, near Mayville, NY, where the last public hanging in the state was, and they contribute natural gas to the grid. The return on investment however as costs to drill have gone up, $100,000 so I assume there are less people willing to drill. I was working on the “Millennium Pipeline” using mostly pre-existing right-of-ways that will bring gas from Canada through Cleveland, Ohio across New York state to Mount Vernon, near NYC.

In Ohio a number of years ago, a “class action” suit was brought against the gas suppliers, (NYC is still mostly oil heat, though some public schools have not been converted yet and burn coal) who were accused of “price gouging” the consumers one cold winter. I read later the Reagan administration in Washington, D.C., tried to make “class action” suits illegal, or constricted to ridiculous sum like $7500. I hope consumers will still have a way to redress, though after the readjustment to the Exxon Valdez case, put up on the Bligh Reef by the fourth mate on a then recently created understaffed ship, its captain once feted in Huntington, NY during “Tall Sails” it seems there may be many future legal battles. Newsvine – Bush says coal part of his “sprint to the finish”


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08/10/2008 at 2:46 pm

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