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Does the Declaration of Independence Mean Anything Redux

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(Aug 7, 9:42 PM): Old liquor bottles used to have the name of the owner on them on a bottle seal on the “shoulder” in the 18th century. They sort of looked like a wax letter seal in glass. A broken bottle seal fragment with “Wm. Lloyd” on it (a Tory manor owner) in the house garden grounds of the William Floyd Manor, a New York signer of the “Declaration of Independence” and then later a general in the American Revolutionary War might be one though not really a written document. I did find a deed reference to a property held in partnership by William Floyd with Ezra L’Hommedieu in the New York Public Library resources.

(Aug 8, 3:59 PM): The excavations by Starr of Harvard University in the 1930s at Nuzi in near Kirkuk, Iraq (Sp. Irak) and the oil fields of Mosul, produced cuneiform tablets that caused quite a still, almost missed, behind a fallen wall I think I read, that have kept the translators busy, part of the Mitanni kingdom around 1200 BCE, on a crossroads of Hurrian, Indus, and Babylonian people. A Hurrian text is one of the earliest handbooks known for the domestication of horses, and a toy chariot was found in the excavations along with “sewn armor” (like the terracotta buried army in China). A fragnebt found elswhere discusses a royal marriage between Egyptian and Mitanni royalty.

(Aug 8, 4:26 PM): Sorry, “quite a stir” though a early alembic vessel was found an early “still” thought for early science, of distilling medicines? And of course a “fragment” of a text found elsewhere. The capital of Mitanni has yet to be found.

(Aug 11, 10:41 AM): Ralph Solecki, Ph.D., who found the Shanidar Cave Neanderthal specimens in the Zagros of Iraq would have been happy to hear about the DNA sequencing of “Nature’s First Flower Children” after the controversy of the flower pollen found in the “graves” of the specimens. He’s passed away having last taught in Texas after Columbia University, where I worked a short time in his small lab at the University for Joan Geismar, Ph.D. (who is thanked in the film “The Royal Tenebaums” an historical archaeologist who works mostly in the Tri-State of New York City). He was thanked in the intro to the “Clan of the Cave Bear” the prehistoric fiction work by author Jean M. Auel.

(Aug 11, 11:06 AM): Ralph Solecki was a long time friend, since childhood on Long Island, NY, of Carlyle Smith, who was “the first archaeologist to intensively study Woodland material from the Island, identified various pottery types that indicated the presence of two major prehistoric cultural traditions, Windsor and East River.” (Garvies Point Museum). I last saw Carlyle Smith at a Suffolk County Archaeology Association yearly meeting at Sunwood in Old Field where he discussed his friendship and involvement with Thor Heyerdahl on “Kon-Tiki” (1947-1950). I worked with archaeologist Edward Johanneman, MA who had with another taken a dugout canoe, stored at the Garvies Point Museum, across the Long Island Sound over to Connecticut I think. Many of the lithic artifact traditions found in prehistory on Long Island are also found on the different islands near and far islands, i.e., Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, which projectile point tradition came first from where is hard to determine.

Aug 11, 11:28 AM): …and “experimental archaeology” to the islands of and off Connecticut. Fishers Island remains part of Suffolk County, NY yet is very close to the Connecticut shore. (strong lightning and thunder storm).


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