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Newsvine – AP IMPACT: Underground FEMA fuel tanks could leak

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And some of them today are no longer there rather than replace them. I wonder if they were checked universally, some states probably require property to be remediated before sale, I hope all do, but who knows? One by me is now a laundermat, another a “brownfields” development combines a Staples store with regulated apartment housing where a Shell station had been on the corner of White Plains Road and Bronxdale Ave. in the Bronx where, “Is that your final answer?” “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Regis Philbin, (saved ABC) grew up on Cruger Ave.

This report is alarming, I had once invested in a company that cleaned up the commercial tanks and they had a deadline way back in the early 1990s. The only penny stock I ever made money in, I am sort of shocked by the comparison but in most cases pleased by the results in the neighborhoods it has gone on commercially, but shocked by this. As a former Hazmat certified worker for archaeology on National Priority EPA sites maybe it’s a problem of logistics.

Newsvine – AP IMPACT: Underground FEMA fuel tanks could leak


Written by georgejmyersjr

08/13/2008 at 9:43 pm

Posted in archaeology, news, politics

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