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Admiral Adama Drops Final Cylon Hints: It’s Harrison Ford

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“In the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, the polytheistic religion of the humans of the Twelve Colonies is centered on the belief of eternal recurrence, and the religious elements of the show frequently incorporate this idea with the scriptural phrase “All this has happened before and will happen again.”

The first line of Disney’s Peter Pan is “All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.” This line has been cited as the inspiration behind the same theme in Battlestar Galactica.” – Wikipedia

Walt Disney missed the ferry boat to Governors Island a Coastguards-man there in NYC told me and was kept in Fort Williams, where Confederates were kept prisoner in the American Civil War. It’s proposed today to become a Shakespearean Theater, as it is round, and many are behind it in the theater and other arts. They are also trying to the restore the theater in Stratford, Connecticut where many school groups used to go. I had the pleasure of seeing Shakespeare’s “Henry V” at “Stratford” and on Broadway in NYC, one English class one Humanities. Walt Disney was an ambulance driver in WWI, the one to end all wars. My grand-dad was in the Canadian Black Watch then, only 16.

Anyway will “we” turn out to be like Doctor Harford, I mean Rick Deckard, replicants of Tyrell (Disney animatronics, the NY World’s Fair Abraham Lincoln robot comes to mind in the Illinois State exhibit)? I was listening for a clue today, in ‘Albedo 0.39’ “…an album by the artist Vangelis, released in 1976. It is a concept album around space and space physics.” He also created the soundtrack for “Blade Runner” and I was also thinking about the blog dedicated to Philip K. Dick, “Total Dick-Head: News, Analysis, and Philip K Dick-Related Info Kipple Chronicled by a PKD Scholar” at [] We hope to know…

Admiral Adama Drops Final Cylon Hints: It’s Harrison Ford


Written by georgejmyersjr

08/27/2008 at 12:12 am

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